How can you make a difference?

Our products are good for:

YOUR HEALTH >> From the gym to the streets, whether you are working out or hanging out, our high-quality fabrics do not contain harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by your skin. They are soft to the touch, safe, and ultra comfortable. Under each product description, we fully describe all the fabric ingredients for you, many of which are organic.

LOCAL COMMUNITIES >> For each and every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a humanitarian organization. The organization we are currently supporting, CEASE, helps victims of domestic and sexual abuse. You can learn more about this organization by clicking on “Causes” at the top of this website.

OUR WORLD >> We do not use any products made from sweatshops. Everything is ethically produced. By purchasing one of our apparel items, you can take a stand against the unethical practices of sweatshops, who underpay and overwork their employees.

From start to finish, our products help to make a difference in your health, local communities, and beyond.