Our Motto


Pursue Outfitters™


Pursue Outfitters is much more than an environmentally friendly and organic athletic apparel company: it is a movement comprised of people like you who collectively contribute to fight crimes against humanity. Our motto is Pursue Peace Train for War®. The Pursue Outfitters team strives to "Pursue Peace" in all aspects of life. However, at times, life is not peaceful, when injustices are committed. We also "Train for War" in a figurative sense, as men and women joining together to wage war against human injustices. This second part of our motto is also a literal statement that pays homage to those men and women who have fought and died to protect our freedoms, enabling us to continue pursuing peace. With every purchase of an apparel item, 10% of the profit is donated to an organization whose sole purpose is to combat atrocities committed against men, women, and children. With your help, we achieve a positive impact by aiding those who are suffering, thus making our communities healthier and safer for everyone.  Are you ready to join the movement?