Our Story


In 2016, in the small Tennessee town of Jefferson City, two good friends, Jeremy Reed and Darby Bunch, together envisioned starting an organic athletic apparel company. As fathers, husbands, and humanitarians, both men shared a common goal: create a company that would not only offer high-quality products, but would change the world for the better by donating a portion of the proceeds to a specific organization that fights crimes against humanity. Thus, Jeremy and Darby birthed the company Pursue Outfitters, and the movement Pursue Peace Train for War began. 

Two years later, in 2018, Jeremy and Darby acquired another business partner, growing the original team of two to three. The new business partner, Michael Cogliano III, a native of New Jersey, was a collegiate athlete at and graduated from Carson-Newman University (a private University in East Tennessee). While attending Carson-Newman, Michael fell in love with the people and area and decided to build a home to become a permanent resident of Tennessee.

As active members of their community, Jeremy, Darby, and Michael have the privilege of meeting new people on a daily basis. One can say that these people are average, everyday people, yet they are the individuals who inspired this movement. They are not famous stars with thousands to millions of followers on social media, television appearances, or stadiums full of fans. They are the students, soldiers, first responders, and white and blue-collar workers of our communities. They are people who make a lasting difference in the lives of those around them. Like you, each has his or her own story....

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There is the fighter who hits the heavy bag just before an 8:00 a.m. business meeting, the dancer who perfects movements after a long day of educating our children, and the mother who holds and comforts her children with calloused hands after a hard day at the gym.  There is the soldier who is selfless and relentless in pursuing perfection in mind, body, and spirit, knowing that a call to perform for our country could come at a moment’s notice; the first responder whose life is on the line every single day to maintain law and order; and the father who feels every ache and pain from working out, yet extends himself to his young sons, playing and roughhousing with them each evening. These people are not everyday and ordinary: they are every bit extraordinary. 

Pursue Outfitters, a small company in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, invites you to become a part of an idea that is anything but small.  Pursue Peace Train for War is a movement in which every person that wears an item of apparel does not wear it soley for himself or herself, but wears it with many other people in mind, those who will benefit from the proceeds as well. These are the people who have inspired Jeremy, Darby, and Michael to begin this movement, and if you are one of those individuals who pursue peace in every aspect of life and will defend your right for that peace, this movement is for you.